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XM House


Photos: Pantelis Hatziminas

Client: Private

Type: Residential - Interiors

Location: Nicosia - Cyprus

Area: 220 sqm

Design: 2019

Stage: Completed

The Client purchased their residence from a Developer at drawing stage. Prior to commencing the build the team was assigned as their Architectural Consultant and Designer to undertake Layout Alterations, Exterior Alterations and carry out the Extensive Interior Design. The client expressed the desire to have natural lighting in the house, the extensive use of natural timber and a more traditional style of the everyday amenities such as the kitchen and informal living area.
Our approach to the general alterations was to open up the space but also increase the house footprint by incorporating smart separation systems that create the illusion of depth.
Beautiful details and the effective use of the timber elements in combination with warm tone wall colors, brighten up the space.
X+M Residence
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