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Marbella Villa


Visualization: Relab Studio and Zuwi Nnadi

Client: Private Client  - Adu Dhabi

Type: Residential 

Location: Marbella

Area: 2,500 sqm

Design: 2018

Stage: Invited Competition Submission

The plot is situated on a 5,000 sqm mountain slope stretching from the mountains of Marbella towards the sea side to the South. The design draws inspiration from the traditional Spanish Architecture, where the Entrance of the Residence opens into a grand internal courtyard. All Living Areas then unfold from the Central core towards the outskirts of the Grand Landscapes with overflowing pools facing the sea and lake-like spa retreat facilities facing the mountain side. Customized Floor tiles and fabrics decorate the Architectural elements of the Residence with intricate details and unique materiality.
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