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P Y Development


Visualization: In House Team

Client: Private

Type: Residential 

Location: Nicosia - Cyprus

Area: 700 sqm

Design: 2024

Stage: Design Development

The project consists of 4 apartments in the heart of Platy Aglantzias with views towards the mountains in the North and the Athalassa Park on the South. The plot is elongated sideways enabling a more open exporation of form. therefore the design is tackled as such. The brief from the client was specifically emphasizing the importance of the building to look like a single residential unit and not a commercialised development blurring the lines between Development and Private Residence creating a 3 Dimensional visual connectivity with the viewer and it's user.
F1 - LR 3.png
The Building consists of a single 3 Bedroom apartment on the Ground Floor, one 3 Bed Apartment and one 2 Bed Apartment on the First Floor and one 3 Bed Penthouse Apartment on the Second Floor. 
The building emphasizes on the strategic placement of vertical gardens between the floors to allow and provide privacy from each apartment as well as promote greener views from every balcony and external areas of the building. 
F1 - LR1.png
F1 - LR2.png
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